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This Is Embarrassing!

Many years ago, we got our sweet Daisy. She was born in August, and we got her in December. My daughter specifically remembers the date we got her because it was right after her birthday. For some reason, my mind always goes to that January however - the following year. I always think that Daisy is a year younger than she actually is!

Want to know a secret? I didn’t actually want another dog, and I sure didn’t want a schnauzer with cropped ears. No, I was willing to wait on the right one, and this one wasn’t her. It was Paul and my daughter that really leaned on me though, so Daisy came home and joined our Misty, and we became a two-dog household.

Time went by and we eventually got our sweet Lily, too. Years later, Misty eventually crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It was just a few months after that when we started fostering Cobb.

The moment Cobb set foot in our home, it was Daisy that took him under her wing and showed him how to fit in here. She taught him to play, where all the dog beds were located, and she taught him who the boss dog was, too (HER!). She was his “ride or die” and the two of them have remained inseparable ever since. Wherever you find Cobb, you are most likely going to find Daisy, too. It’s rare to see them apart. They are truly the best of friends.

So, I’m a little embarrassed that, yet again, I’ve gotten the year of Daisy’s birth wrong. I just had the same phone call from my daughter explaining to me once again, “No Mom. We have this conversation every year!”

Wanting to settle this once and for all, I called our vet's office to see what year they have for Daisy’s birthday. Sure enough, my daughter was right and embarrassingly, I had my own fur baby’s age wrong again. She was NOT born in 2010, as I always manage to misremember it. She was born August 31, 2009. Today is our dollop of Daisy’s thirteenth birthday!

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