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Cobb is ALWAYS Full of Surprises

Because Cobb has no bladder control (retention) or bowel control (incontinence), despite being on a great bowel program, he will occasionally surprise us by “popping a nugget” from time to time. I’m usually very on top of his bowel program, so this is actually a rare thing, thank goodness.

A few years ago, we had a local carpet company come out to clean our carpets. As they usually do, the tech also tried to sell us on tile floor cleaning and sofa cleaning. He offered demos of both. I kindly told him I had a tile steamer, so that service wasn’t needed. I was also adamant that our dogs don’t have accidents on the furniture. Just as I finished telling him this, as the sofa reclined, we all heard something that sounded like a marble hit the hardwood floor from under the sofa.

To my horror, out rolled one of Cobbler's dried up, God-knows-how-old “nuggets”. As I attempted to dig myself out of the pit of embarrassment and stammer a plausible explanation (“handicapped dog!"), Paul proceeded to agree to the sofa cleaning, in obvious defeat.

A “ghost nugget” hasn’t appeared since then, until the other day. I had just woken up and fixed myself a cup of coffee. I got both Cobb and me settled in the chair and pushed the button to recline and—you guessed it— THUD! Another dried up, old nugget had dropped to the floor and rolled across the hardwood.

I left Cobb in the chair as I went to pick it up, chuckling to myself, remembering the carpet guy. As I made my way back to Cobb and my coffee, I heard an audible little “squeak” from his backside. "Not again," I thought. I hadn’t yet emptied his bowels, so I quickly grabbed him and made sure he hadn’t actually “downloaded" anything along with his ominous sounding little squeak, but I was too late.

The previous night, all the pups were treated to blueberries. When I looked at my chair to see what “present” he had left, there was a perfectly formed, completely undigested, recycled blueberry in all its glory, right where he had been sitting. Cobb looked up at me, his eyes saying it all. "Well, at least it's only a blueberry this time!" I think I even heard him laugh.

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