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The Most Amazing Thing Happened

I’m not really sure how I ended up in that meadow, but there I was. I opened my eyes and found myself laying in a beautiful green meadow, filled with grass and flowers that swayed with such grace that it almost looked as if they were slow dancing to the most glorious, incredible music. I could even hear it, somewhere off in the distance.

As I woke up from my strange nap in the grassy field, I realized how refreshed and energized I felt, yet at the same time, very peaceful and calm in a way I’d never experienced before. I stood up and looked around and took it all in with my eyes. I breathed in the intoxicatingly beautiful scent of the flowers as I walked towards the wonderful music.

The closer I got to the source of the music, the brighter the sun seemed to shine, yet I didn’t feel the need to squint and it didn’t hurt my eyes. The warmth was comfortable, like the hug of an old friend, and not oppressive in any way.

As I walked, I felt so full of energy that I began to pick up my pace, much like a dance, leaping through the air like a well-trained ballerina. I felt exquisite. I realized I no longer had any discomfort or pain from the arthritis that had plagued me for years. “How on earth could this be possible,” I thought. I continued my dance through the glorious meadow with such an incredible sense of airy lightness, both physically and within each cell of my soul.

Then I felt it. The tiniest brush against my ankle. The whisper-soft tickle that I knew so well. It beaconed me to look down as I danced and when I did, it took my breath away. There was my sweet Cobb, running and jumping and dancing alongside me! I knelt down to him, so overcome with love, as we reunited, and he kissed me like he had so long ago. He was so happy to see me, and I was just overcome with emotion. Cobb had passed away many years before and miraculously, in this most alluring meadow, I was with him again!

I then noticed that Cobb was not at all as I’d remembered him. He was not the least bit handicapped. He wasn’t in his wheels, and he no longer dragged his back legs, yet his gait was steady and perfect, as though he had never been hurt. He joined me in our dance toward the source of the music and light. Our souls somehow “blended” together in an absolutely exquisite reunion. We were one, yet still individual too. I could hardly wrap my mind around it, but I didn’t question it.

There was no need for words between Cobb and me. We intuitively understood the incredible joy and love we each were feeling and that’s all that mattered in that moment. I was moved to tears to see Cobb scampering along beside me, his whiskers occasionally brushing against my leg. We joyfully continued our dance toward the brightest light and most amazing music until we were simply enveloped into it in a moment of sheer, unbridled bliss and ecstasy. The beauty and magnificence of that moment was so intense that I almost couldn’t take it a second longer.

It was then that I woke up, my eyes moistened with the tears I had shed in my sleep. I knew something amazing had happened. I knew the second I woke up in my bed that this was no ordinary “dream”. I glanced over at Cobb’s bed and saw him sleeping peacefully. I laid there for a few moments, lost in my own thoughts and all that I had experienced just moments before. No, this wasn’t a typical dream. I believe that I had been shown that, one day, Cobb and I would be joyfully reunited.

I looked over at Cobb again and he was awake now. He was wearing his typical happy smile. I scooped him up into my arms and told him all about my dream and how much I loved him. I swear, I heard him whisper back, “I love you too.”

***Not long after that dream, I saw this Life Is Good shirt in a store and just HAD to buy it. This is how I imagine Cobb would look, leaping through that meadow with me, with a strong, healthy body and no paralysis at all. One day, long after Cobb is gone and I am an old woman making my transition, I know he will be waiting for me.

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