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Mornings With Cobb

Good morning from our back deck!

There are no homes behind us, just woods. Each day, we enjoy our own private morning concert of hawks, mourning doves, owls, bees and crickets and a whole theater of deer, raccoons, foxes and butterflies.

Cobb and the girls love being out here in the mornings, but the girls always want to go back in long before he does. He simply loves being out here while I have my coffee.

Cobb enjoys listening to all the birds waking up and starting their day. His nose is constantly sniffing the air and taking everything in. He makes sure he barks a “hello” in response to all the other neighborhood dogs, too.

I often wonder if whomever had him before us kept him outside all the time. Or perhaps he never went out at all, and that’s why he loves it so. Whatever the reason, he’s in his element out here.

“Outside” is truly Cobbler’s little slice of Heaven. Outside with him, is mine.

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1 Comment

Apr 08, 2023

He feels free and being outdoors and all the sounds and fresh air what is not to love!

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