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Just How Old Is Cobb?

When Cobb was first found in 2017, vets “guesstimated” his age to be around a year or so old. They did this by looking at several things, including lens opacity and dental health, among other things. An educated guess, however, is still just a guess, isn’t it?

Cobb was assigned a birthdate of March 10th for medical records. We didn’t assign him that, as it was before he came into our lives. I’ve always loved that date because it was the day before our wedding anniversary and that made his birthday and our anniversary extra special. This past March, we celebrated Cobb’s estimated sixth birthday.

Several weeks ago, one of the two companies that did his breed DNA test that told us he was a havanese-poodle mix, began beta testing their new DNA age test. The company, Embark, says this test is extremely accurate, plus or minus five months. I jumped all over that like a feisty havapoo on wheels!

Just yesterday, we finally got the results. It turns out that Cobb was not a year old, or even two at the time of his rescue. We discovered, once again, that Cobb has been keeping secrets. His birthday is also not in March, though we will continue to acknowledge that special “Cobb day”. We will now celebrate his new birthday, in May.

Cobb’s DNA age test tells us that he was actually closer to four years old when he was found. So, as of the date of this blog post, our sweet Cobbler, our precious little "surprise" havapoo, is officially eight years and two months old!

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