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Cobb Answers a Casting Call

Every once in a while, friends will see casting calls requesting certain breeds of dog, specific characteristics or other attributes and forward the information to me. That’s how Cobb was chosen for the few shows that he’s been in and also how his Swiffer commercial came about.

Several days ago, I got another casting call forwarded to me and this one specifically requested a wheelie dog. I responded right away and yesterday, they asked to meet Cobb today.

This morning we packed up his bag and headed to the address. When we got there, I put Cobb in his wheels and let him check out the property. There was a lot to explore, as this animal casting company is also a boarding and training facility. After Cobb accommodated a few specific requests and had some photos and video taken, we were invited into the pool.

I was a little nervous because other than the water treadmill during Cobb’s rehab, and his baths at home, he had never been in water. This was a five-foot-deep pool. I had no idea if he could even swim! I thought for sure that his hind end would sink right down and pull him down in the process, so I stayed very close to him.

Well, being Cobb, he had a surprise in store for me:

Not only did he not sink, but he swam as though he’d been doing it his entire life! In addition to that, his normally limp back legs reflexively kicked as though they weren’t paralyzed at all!

This was FANTASTIC news! Just like when he “spinal walks,” those same reflexive movements while swimming is great exercise for maintaining muscle mass and warding off any atrophy. It was just beautiful to see him swim! He looked like a perfectly able-bodied dog in the pool!

I did sense that Cobb was apprehensive about the experience, though. This was his first time to ever do it, and he knows he’s compromised (we learned that in rehab), so I’m sure he felt a little vulnerable. I think this will just require a bit more exposure and then I predict he may gain more confidence and come to love it! We plan to go back regularly over the summer.

As for his audition, we don’t know anything yet. I never post about these things until it’s been confirmed that Cobb actually got the part, so I hope this won’t jinx us, but I really wanted to tell you about our day! Stay tuned!

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