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Cobb Meets a Follower

In case you didn’t know, I am not just Cobb’s Mama. I am also Cobb’s business manager, strategist and marketer. I’m incredibly proud of him (can't you tell?) and will find a way to weave Cobb into every single conversation I have with friends, family and even perfect strangers. Some of you probably even follow him because I struck up a conversation with you about him. Even my email signature will direct everyone to Cobb’s social media and blog. I literally tell EVERYONE about him.

Getting my car serviced? I will tell you about Cobb’s decal on my car. Out to dinner with Paul? Every single server we’ve ever had, knows all about him. Picking up dry cleaning? Yes, even they know about my sweet boy. Doing my grocery shopping? Yep, you guessed it.

I believe he deserves the followers (about 2500+ across all of his platforms!) and I believe others can find a smile, a chuckle and a bright spot in their day by following Cobb. It’s a win-win!

Between keeping my granddaughter, the pups and other obligations I have, I often use Instacart grocery delivery to cut down my errands. Every time I place an order, I always use the chat feature to invite the shopper to follow Cobb. Yesterday was no exception.

Imagine my surprise, when, as usual, I sent the shopper my message about Cobb and the shopper relied, “That’s hysterical! I know Cobb and have been following him for a while now! I even live in your subdivision! What a small world!"

I’m always so pleasantly surprised when someone says they know our boy! A few years ago, we were in Alabama when another camper, from Nebraska, asked, “Is that Cobb” as we walked by. My jaw hit the ground. I couldn’t believe it. Then, when we were in Pennsylvania, I had on a Cobb shirt and a group of women approached and asked if my shirt was about “the same Cobb” they followed, and it was. The one and only!

So yesterday, when I was tracking my grocery delivery, I just had to put Cobb in his wheels and let him greet our new friend. It was such a delight to meet Pam, a dog mama herself. She was kind enough to let me take a picture, but most heartwarming of all, was the sweet and gentle way she approached and loved on him. It was as if she’d always known him, and I guess she has, for a while now!

Please help me help others find joy in Cobb’s story by inviting a few of your friends to also follow Cobb as well as sharing this post. We would love new followers and we are certain they would love the sweet subject.

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