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This page is about me, a very special, inspiring Havapoo!

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My Story

Cobb was found in the middle of South Cobb Drive in Cobb County, Georgia in the summer of 2017. He was seen, without the use of his back legs, “army crawling” across the road. A Good Samaritan picked him up and took him to the local animal shelter. There, it was determined that he had suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury, rendering him permanently and irreparably paralyzed. Because of the severity of his injuries, he was going to be euthanized.

Thankfully, a nearby schnauzer rescue (Schnauzer Love Rescue) stepped up and agreed to take him in and see if he could be rehabilitated enough to become adoptable. At that time, it was determined by multiple veterinarians that Cobb was a very young pup at only about a year old. Though the damage to his spinal cord was significant, hopes were high that Cobb would make acceptable progress in rehab because of his young age. It was during this time that we, his foster family, fell madly in love with him and decided to adopt him. Though he will always be paralyzed, Cobb is able to “spinal walk” at times (his muscles remember but he has no sensation), but he uses his wheels on walks. Our home is fully canine handicapped adaptable and he gets around quite well on yoga mat trails throughout the house.

After officially adopting Cobb, he starred in a Swiffer and Sam’s Club commercial, filmed a segment of the television show “To the Rescue” and his story appeared in a variety of publications. As his popularity grew so did our curiosity of his past. We did multiple canine DNA tests that revealed that Cobb was not a schnauzer at all, but rather a havanese-poodle mix, or havapoo.

Since Cobb’s discovery as a matted, homeless and severely injured pup, he has become a source of immeasurable joy and love to many, both in person and on social media. We realize that Cobb is so much more than just the handicapable boy that we love here at home. We believe that all of the miracles that ultimately led him to us served a purpose. We also believe that Cobb himself has a purpose. He is not only an ambassador for rescued dogs, he is an ambassador for dogs who might otherwise be euthanized due to various handicaps. We hope that this website and blog shows you just how much love can be shared between a handicapped dog and his people. It is also our hope that others see that handicapped dogs can live wonderful, quality lives. That is Cobb’s purpose.

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